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(AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Hey Joe, what do ya know? Apparently not much when it comes to fighting against global warming, according to Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The freshman Congresswoman and leader on the socialistic style Green New Deal tweeted her disgust after sources revealed a part of Joe Biden's plan to combat climate change, saying the Vice President displayed a "lack of leadership" with his potential "middle ground" proposal. 


According to Reuters, "[t]he backbone of the policy will likely include the United States re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement and preserving U.S. regulations on emissions and vehicle fuel efficiency that Trump has sought to undo, according to one of the sources, Heather Zichal, who is part of a team advising Biden on climate change. She previously advised President Barack Obama." 

Reuters source also said that "the policy could also be supportive of nuclear energy and fossil fuel options like natural gas and carbon capture technology, which limit emissions from coal plants and other industrial facilities." 

In response, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said, "This is a dealbreaker. There is no 'middle ground' w/ climate denial & delay. Blaming 'blue collar' Americans as the main opponents to bold climate policy is gas lobbyist 101."

"We’re not going to solve the climate crisis w/ this lack of leadership. Our kids’ lives are at stake," she added.

This is Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's first comments about a specific candidate in the 2020 race and could spell trouble for the current front runner of the Democratic primary campaign. A recent poll of Democratic 2020 primary voters indicated climate change, second only behind health care, was one of the top concerns for party voters.


As reported by Townhall shortly after Biden entered the race, progressives already displayed concerns with the establishment Democrat's previous policy proposals. Former AOC adviser and current Justice Democrats' spokesperson Waleed Saheed "questioned 'how [Biden's] going to explain to voters who have been affected by his decisions on mass incarceration, the war in Iraq, and financial deregulation and unfair trade deals'" in the crowded field of presidential candidates all vying to rev the increasingly far-left base. 

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has yet to endorse a 2020 candidate. 

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