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'Queer Feminist Mermaid' Running For Maine Senate Seat

Bre Kidman, a Saco, ME attorney who enjoys spending weekends dressed as a "queer feminist mermaid" and splashing around in kiddie pools filled with glitter, recently announced a campaign run for the Maine Democratic Senate nomination in hopes of unseating incumbent Republican Sen. Susan Collins. 


According to Steve Collins of the Sun Journal, "Kidman said they have been fat since they were 7, gay since age 10 and figuring out what it all means ever since." The attorney does not use traditional gender pronouns, Kidman instead asks people to use "they/them" as pronouns. 

“Like all other politicians, whether or not they want to admit it, I’m a human being who has grown and changed over the years,” the queer feminist mermaid said a few weeks ago at a campaign stop. “I am funny. I’m weird. I’m serious. I’m happy. I’m sad. I’m a lot of different things.”

“And I want to be in a culture where it’s OK to be a lot of different things and also take part in building what we as a country are," Kidman told coffee shop attendees in Portland, ME. 

Right now, no other Democratic primary candidate has fully invested in running for the nomination. The Democratic Party would supply more than four million dollars to Kidman's campaign if nominated.

Kidman, who has had a traumatic life including being raped abroad while in college, released a full 10 song album under the stage name "BeeKay Esquire" in December.  According to the description, the album titled "Lies I Tell Myself" is "[o]riginally a sort of dumping ground for excess emotion, 'Lies I Tell Myself About Myself' tells a story about the darkest moments before the dawn in recovery from sexual violence, but does so with the same wink-and-deranged-grin as Bee Kay Esq.’s messy, fake-blood-and-glitter-encrusted burlesque." 


"Ultimately, 'Lies I Tell Myself About Myself' is an album for (and by) the sort of people who want to roll down their windows, turn up the speakers, and rock out with their existential dread out," the description reads. 

Sen. Collins is also facing one in party primary challenger as well as an independent candidate. 

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