President Trump: 'Sleepy-Eyed Chuck Todd' is a Sleeping 'Son of a B*tch'

Posted: Mar 10, 2018 7:50 PM

President Donald J. Trump hosted a Make America Great Again rally this evening in Pennsylvania. Per usual, the Donald's flamboyant and charismatic personality charmed the standing room only crowd. However, the loudest reaction and most amused came when the president referred to NBC's Meet the Press host Chuck Todd as a "sleepy-eyed" "sleeping son of b*tch." 

President Trump has long maintained that at a certain point with North Korea, no amount of negotiating will change any minds. As reference in the video, in 199 Trump told the late Tim Russert he believed force was necessary to deter the third world country from inflicting harm on America and its allies. 

The nickname Sleepy Eyed SOB is already receiving fantastic applause on twitter. 

The rally's intended purpose is to rally republicans and conservative tot he polls for this upcoming Tuesday's special congressional election of RIck Saccone (R) vs. Connor Lamb (D). The president also took on other members of the media, President Obama, Bush, and Clinton. 

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