White House Agrees to Release Redacted Democratic Rebuttal Memo

Posted: Feb 24, 2018 4:50 PM
White House Agrees to Release Redacted Democratic Rebuttal Memo

This afternoon, President Donald J. Trump agreed to release a redacted Democratic memo that is supposed to serve as a rebuttal to previous GOP document that alleged serious malfeasance and bias at the FBI that served as the impetus for surveillance of American citizens during the Russian investigation. 

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and his colleagues had previously submitted an earlier version of the memo, but two weeks ago President Trump tweeted that Democrats needed to do redo it in proper form and called the document a “very long political and long response memo.”  

At the time, this author said that “President Trump's  tweet today indicates that he may release the Democratic memo, but only once the authors of the document make the suggested changes. Trump alleges that the Democrats "would have blamed the White House for lack of transparency" had he decided to release a redacted memo.” 

It would appear today that Democrats have now redone their memo in proper form. CNN reports that after negotiation between FBI officials and Rep. Schiff, the memo is now in proper form and does not  pose a threat to national security. 

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After the White House signed permission, the House Intelligence Committee released the document.

Thanks to the Washington Examiner, it can be read in full here: 

This story will be updated with more details as Townhall sifts through the memo.