Pure Mayhem: Liberals Blame Trump as Families Recover, Feds. Investigate Hawaii False Alarm

Posted: Jan 13, 2018 5:00 PM

Earlier today, Townhall reported that a false alarm emergency notification had been sent to every single person with a cell phone in Hawaii warning of impending danger. Now, authorities are investigating how this disastrous error occurred in the first place, while panic-stricken citizens recover from the traumatic experience. 

The text message read "Emergency Alert: BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL," at approximately at 8:07 HST. While some took to Twitter to determine if it was real, most believed the text message was real and began calling loved ones and seeking shelter. 

But, all of this was completely unavoidable. The notification was a false alarm. According to The LA Times, this was all human error. 

"Hawaii House Speaker Scott Saiki said someone pushed the wrong button, and Cindy McMillan, a spokeswoman for Gov. David Ige, confirmed to the Associated Press that it was human error, but said she didn't have further details", the LA times reported. 

Saiki said the system Hawaii residents have been told to rely on failed miserably. He also took emergency management officials to task for taking 30 minutes to issue a correction, prolonging panic. He said in a statement that the Hawaii House of Representatives would begin an immediate investigation. "Clearly, government agencies are not prepared and lack the capacity to deal with emergency situations," Saiki said.

It is not obvious why it took more than 30 minutes to send out an official emergency system text message alerting the public that it was indeed a drill. As a result, The Federal Communications Commission has announced that it will launch a full investigation into what occurred. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, a myriad of liberals took to Twitter to instantly blame President Donald J. Trump for the error. 

It seems a bit reckless to have a simple, unguarded button that can send a dire warning to an entire population without at least a few checks on the system to prevent mistakes, but it is even sillier to instantly throw the blame around before the facts come in. When you are President, "The Buck Stops Here," sure, but these celebrities and Democrats would be wise to temper their reaction until more details are reported. 

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