President Trump Announces Pause on Big Game Trophy Decision

Posted: Nov 18, 2017 10:30 AM

President Donald J. Trump announced via Twitter late Friday evening his decision to temporarily pause a controversial reversal of U.S. policy that banned the import of big game trophies.

It was reported on Thursday that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would allow the import of big game trophies, including body parts of African elephants, from countries like Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

The announcement sparked ire on both the left and the right. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stated their reason for lifting the ban was to help promote conservation. African Elephants are on the endangered species list, but experts supposedly came on the conclusion that the massive expenses associated with controlled big game hunting would actually help these creatures “by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation.”

But this decision was nearly universally condemned. Environmental groups and animal rights activists, as well as several prominent Trump supporters view the targeting of large slow moving elephants as cruel and inhumane. 

Nationally Syndicated radio host and long time Trump supporter Michael Savage criticized the ban reversal on his show and tweeted the following article. 

After the president’s announcement, Savage along with several other Conservative members the media, thanked President Trump for his change of heart.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke released a statement Friday night, further clarifying where the administration now stands:

"President Trump and I have talked and both believe that conservation and healthy herds are critical. As a result, in a manner compliant with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, the issuing of permits is being put on hold as the decision is being reviewed."

It is unclear how long the reviewal process will be before an announcement is made again as to where the United States stands on big game trophy importation.

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