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Jim Jordan Has the Best Response to Sheila Jackson Lee's Absurd Questions for Durham

During Special Counsel John Durham's testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on the "sobering" conclusions reached in his investigation of the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane probe of the Trump campaign's alleged Russian collusion, pretty much every Democrat took their turn to try destroying Durham's credibility. 


Rather than seeking to learn more about the problems Durham identified at the FBI so that issues can be remedied, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) apparently thought she had some kind of "smoking gun" to prove that Durham's investigation was compromised by an allegedly too-cozy relationship with former Attorney General Bill Barr. 

Her "proof," it turns out, was eight text messages between Attorney General Barr and Special Counsel Durham over the span of 11 months.

When Rep. Jackson Lee's time expired, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), put an exclamation point on the Texas Democrat's silly attempt to again construct "collusion" out of whole cloth:

"I think this is amazing, Mr. Durham, you had eight text messages with the Attorney General of the United States in 11 months...That's amazing," Jordan remarked, apparently triggering his Democrat colleagues in the room.

"Whose time was that?" one demanded to know as Democrats fell into disarray:


Chairman Jordan is, again, correct. It is "so, so ridiculous" for Rep. Jackson Lee to be trying to debunk Durham's probe and its troubling conclusions by trying to prove illegitimacy based on a handful of innocuous text messages between him and the attorney general. 

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