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Stacey Abrams Is Now 'Observing' Another Country's Election Operations?

AP Photo/Ben Gray

After losing back to back gubernatorial elections in Georgia, all the while whining about an alleged system of racist voter suppression that didn't exist, Stacey Abrams has surfaced in Nigeria. Apparently, she's there to oversee the African country's elections as "co-leader" of a joint international observer mission between the National Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute.


Remember, it was Stacey Abrams who denied her first gubernatorial loss to Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA), yet she's now qualified to "observe" another country's election operations? 

She popped up in an interview with Al Jazeera, and said "despite a slow start" to voting, she and her fellow observers "have seen orderly lines, we have seen long lines." Abrams surmised that those orderly and long lines were "signaling strong enthusiasm" among voters because they are "willing to stand in line and have patience." Hm.

Notably, back here in the United States, Abrams has claimed that long lines of citizens waiting to vote was definitive proof of "voter suppression," as she did in here in 2019. "In the state of Georgia, black people faced hour-long lines — up to 4 hours — waiting to cast their ballots," Abrams said, alleging that those waiting in lines to participate in elections were "held hostage." In Abrams' retelling of events, lines on Election Day 2018 in Georgia were proof that "voter suppression is as old as America."


Well, what do the "long lines" of voters Abrams is observing in Nigeria say about their election system? Why is waiting to vote in America proof of a "hostage" situation and "voter suppression," but in Nigeria it's "signaling strong enthusiasm," as she said?

She can't have it both ways, but she's apparently going to try and keep the grift going for as long as possible. But perhaps next time a foreign country needs international observers, they should choose someone who isn't an election denier.

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