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Joe Biden Gets Very Confused About 'Chips' During His Visit to a Semiconductor Plant

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

President Joe Biden traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday to visit a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) plant that manufactures semiconductors (computer chips) to deliver remarks claiming his economic plan is bringing about a booming economy that...checks notes...has not been reflected in inflation or jobs reports thus far in his administration.


And, as usual, Biden got a little turned around when it came to reading his prewritten remarks about chips made by the company he had traveled to hype up as proof that he's really (really, guys) building America "back better." It appears he was trying to describe the size of the microchips made by TSMC, but kept throwing unnecessary "chips" into his sentence didn't go well. 

"TSMC has announced a second major investment," Biden said. "They will construct a second fab here in Phoenix to build chips- three nano chips- three nano chip- chips that are three nano- any- you know what I'm saying," Biden said giving up finishing the line correctly to laughter from his audience. "Nano, nono, I don't know," the president added. 

Perhaps more concerning than Biden's usual confusion is the crowd's reaction to him struggling to make it through his speech and seemingly trying to turn it into a comedy routine. Is laughing along with Biden's confusion really the right thing to do as everyone pretends this is normal and our economy being in the gutter is just fine while Biden acts like nothing's wrong with America's economic health?


Biden did, for once, admit the existence of inflation in his remarks — rather than denying its existence, calling it a "high class problem" or declaring it to be "transitory" — but insisted his administration was keeping the "job market resilient" despite the fact that repeated monthly job reports have shown a shrinking labor force participation rate and real wages remaining negative under Biden policies. Not to mention Biden's war on American energy including oil, natural, gas, and coal that cost union jobs or his unconstitutional vaccine mandate that cost hardworking Americans their livelihood.

Continuing his charade that the economy is, overall, doing well, Biden claimed that world leaders have a "strong sense" that America's economy is resilient, something he claims Americans are also "seeing" at home. 

It's unclear whether Biden was excluding the 40-year high inflation, all-time high gas prices, increasing numbers of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck and racking up debt, or an economy that still hasn't recovered the jobs that existed before COVID that have played out on his watch, but most Americans look around and don't see "resiliency." 


The president also acknowledged and welcomed Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook — who's been under fire for his silence over protests in China and change to iPhone software that limited demonstrators' ability to circumvent the Chinese Communist Party's surveillance and censorship state. 

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