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AP Photo/Chris Carlson

More than 100 Republican National Committee members signed a letter on Monday endorsing current RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel for reelection in a vote to be held at the RNC's Winter Meeting in January. 


Explaining that "[t]hese are perilous times and the Biden presidency, abetted by the extremist consensus among Democrat Party elites and elected officials, has been, is, and will continue to be a disaster for our nation," 107 members of the Republican National Committee signed the letter expressing support to McDaniel stating "we must elect a Republican President and more Republican Senators and House members in 2024 to restore, preserve, and protect the United States of America."

The GOP leaders further explain that "[o]ur cause at the RNC, and our singular goal should be, to achieve victory in 2024 with great Republican candidates up and down the ticket in every state and territory." The signatories highlighted a handful of reasons why the RNC members were supporting McDaniel's reelection bid:

Investing in all 56 states and territories to expand our connection to and engagement with grassroots voters;

Opening 38 community centers to embrace communities that share our values and love of country, but did not support or feel welcomed by the Republican Party;

Tirelessly working for the necessary fundraising;

Converting the RNC into an aggressive and effective advocate for election integrity, including by engaging in over 80 lawsuits and achieving dozens of wins;

Cutting ties once and for all with the biased Committee on Presidential Debates to seek a fair platform for our candidates to debate; and

Ongoing investments in data, digital, and in a permanent ground game in key locations around the country.

"We look forward to voting for you at the 2023 Winter Meeting of the Republican National Committee," the RNC members (full list of signatories below) say in the letter to McDaniel. 

  • Ann S. Brown - AK
  • Craig Campbell - AK
  • Cynthia Henry - AK
  • Vicki Drummond - AL
  • Frank Barron - AS
  • Amata Radewagen - AS
  • Will Sword - AS
  • Jessica Patterson - CA
  • Shawn Steel - CA
  • Vera Ortegon - CO
  • John Frey - CT
  • Leora R. Levy - CT
  • Ben Proto - CT
  • José Cunningham - DC
  • Ashley MacLeay - DC
  • Patrick Mara - DC
  • Jane Brady - DE
  • Henry "Hank" McCann - DE
  • Joe Gruters - FL
  • Kathleen King - FL
  • Eddie Baza Calvo - GU
  • Juan Carlos Benítez - GU
  • Mary Michelle "Shelly" Gibson - GU
  • Lynn Finnegan - HI
  • Laura Nakanelua – HI
  • Gene Ward - HI
  • Jeff Kaufmann - IA
  • Stephen Scheffler - IA
  • Tamara Scott - IA
  • Cindy Siddoway - ID
  • Damond Watkins - ID
  • Demetra DeMonte - IL
  • Richard Porter - IL
  • Don Tracy - IL
  • John Hammond - IN
  • Anne Hathaway - IN
  • Kyle Hupfer - IN
  • Kim Borchers - KS
  • Mark Kahrs - KS
  • Mike Kuckelman - KS
  • Mac Brown - KY
  • Mike Duncan - KY
  • Louis Gurvich - LA
  • Janet Fogarty - MA
  • Ron Kaufman - MA
  • David Bossie - MD
  • Dirk Haire - MD
  • Ellie Espling - ME
  • Demi Kouzounas - ME
  • Josh Tardy - ME
  • Kathy Berden - MI
  • Rob Steele - MI
  • Ron Weiser - MI
  • David Hann - MN 
  • Alex Plechash - MN
  • Barb Sutter - MN
  • Carrie Almond - MO
  • Gordon Kinne - MO
  • Nick Myers - MO
  • Diego Benavente - MP
  • Candace Celis - MP
  • Nadine Deleon Guerrero - MP
  • Frank Bordeaux - MS
  • Jeanne Luckey - MS
  • Don Kaltschmidt - MT
  • Art Wittich - MT
  • Kyshia Brassington - NC
  • Ed Broyhill - NC
  • Michael Whately - NC
  • Shane Goettle - ND
  • Perrie Schafer - ND
  • J.L. Spray - NE
  • Juliana Bergeron - NH
  • Stephen Stepanek - NH
  • Virginia Haines - NJ
  • Tina Dziuk - NM
  • Steve Pearce - NM
  • Jim Townsend - NM
  • Jim DeGraffenreid - NV
  • Michele Fiore - NV
  • Michael McDonald - NV
  • Jo Ann Davidson - OH
  • Jim Dicke - OH
  • Robert Paduchik - OH
  • Steve Curry - OK
  • Tracy Honl - OR
  • Justin Hwang - OR
  • Angel Cintrón - PR
  • Zori Fonalledas - PR
  • Luis Fortuño - PR
  • Cindy Costa - SC
  • Glenn McCall - SC
  • Toni Anne Dashiell - TX
  • Bruce R. Hough - UT
  • Carson Jorgensen - UT
  • Anne-Marie Lampropoulos - UT
  • Gordon Ackley - VI
  • Antoinette Gumbs-Hecht - VI
  • Jevon Williams - VI
  • Suzanne Butterflied - VT
  • Caleb Heimlich - WA
  • Jeff Kent - WA
  • Marlene Pfeifer - WA
  • Paul Farrow - WI
  • Maripat Krueger - WI
  • Tom Schreibel - WI
  • Beth Bloch - WV

Those RNC members also say in the letter that, "As we look to the 2024 election cycle, the RNC must oversee a fair and transparent process to nominate the best man or woman to lead Republicans to victory in 2024," adding they "are confident you [McDaniel] have the skills, integrity, and experience to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of our time."

McDaniel's bid for reelection has a smattering of announced and likely challengers — California RNC Committeewoman and Chair of the Republican National Lawyers Association Harmeet Dhillon officially threw her hat into the ring on Monday evening, Lee Zeldin is announcing his decision on Wednesday morning, and Mike Lindell has also said he's seeking to lead the RNC. 

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