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Ron DeSantis Wallops Charlie Crist in Florida

Townhall Media

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis cruised to an easy victory in his reelection bid on Tuesday night, defeating flip-flopping Democrat nominee Charlie Crist who ran a negative campaign, often referring to his GOP opponent as “DeSatan” while comparing himself to Jesus Christ. 


Despite Crist's negative campaign, DeSantis took the high road throughout the campaign, making his race one that was about the people of Florida, the freedom they enjoyed, and the bright future that would be ahead if his administration continued leading the Sunshine State. 

At the time the race was called by Decision Desk HQ, DeSantis had 57 percent of the vote while Crist trailed at 42 percent with 55 percent reporting. 

DeSantis’ first term saw him under frequent attacks by national Democrats and the mainstream media in the Sunshine State and around the country. 

Despite attempts to malign DeSantis as irresponsible for his COVID policy, bigoted for his parental rights legislation, and some sort of genocidal maniac for his response to the border crisis-triggered influx of illegal immigrants, DeSantis remained wildly popular in Florida. 

His win Tuesday night proved that Twitter is not real life, mainstream talking heads are more out of touch than previously thought, and limited government is good government. 


When Hurricane Ian churned across Florida earlier this fall, Democrats salivated at the chance that a destructive storm could be used to land political hits on DeSantis. 

As with the left's other attempts to ding DeSantis, he helped Florida and its residents weather nature's wrath better than could have been expected, and repaired damage faster than estimates suggested. 

Through all the manufactured crises that Democrats believed would be the end of DeSantis, he took on and beat his detractors, the Walt Disney Company, and the professional outrage class. 

Ultimately, DeSantis' victory on election night became the exclamation point on all his previous successes.

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