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Greg Abbott Becomes Latest Republican to Beat Robert Francis O'Rourke

Townhall Media

Yet again, Robert Francis O’Rourke — who insists on calling himself “Beto” — has lost an election. This time, his latest political hope was dashed by Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who coasted to victory in his reelection bid. 


At the time the race was called, Abbott was more than ten points ahead of O'Rourke, showing that "Beto" again found himself out over his skis campaigning on a platform that was mismatched with the electorate he sought to win over. 

Earlier in the campaign, perhaps the most egregious show of O’Rourke’s political desperation came in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Uvalde. At a press conference just hours after the horrific events unfolded, O’Rourke stormed a stage on which Gov. Abbott and other elected officials were speaking about the latest information from the ongoing investigation. 

O'Rourke shamelessly and disgustingly tried to take advantage of Uvalde's tragedy in some demented attempt to politicize the horror being felt in the community and get a clip of him being some sort of tough guy. His antics earned him the moniker of a “sick son of a b***h” from Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin.


As it turns out, just as it did in his attempt to challenge Sen. Ted Cruz, O’Rourke’s stated intention to take Americans’ guns and ignore the border crisis did not play well with the Texas electorate. 

But Abbott’s Operation Lone Star tackled the border crisis where the Biden administration failed, his pro-freedom policies won over voters, and the partisan shift among Hispanic voters that came as Democrats took their support for granted all helped carry the Lone Star State’s governor to easy reelection.

O’Rourke’s apparent inability to shy away from a chance to lose an election will unlikely change with his latest loss.

Live results from Texas will be updating below as ballots continue be tallied:


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