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Mona Hoobehfekr/ISNA via AP

In recent weeks, women of all ages — along with an increasing number of men — have taken to the streets of Iran in protest of the tyrannical regime's use of "morality police" to crack down on women and girls who are deemed noncompliant with the guidelines for dress and behavior under Sharia law. 


Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist and pro-freedom activist, joined Bill Maher on 'Real Time' to talk more about the events that spurred the latest uprising in defiance of the regime's agents and why liberals in the free world actively try to keep the truth about Sharia law — and its inherent deprivation of human rights — under wraps in the name of being woke or inclusive — to the detriment of millions of women whose basic rights are stripped from them in the name of Islam. 

"I don't have any hope in Biden administration, I don't have any hope in Western countries — they abandoned my sister in Afghanistan," Alinejad explained. "The western feminists who actually went to my country wore hijab, they bow to the Taliban, they didn't take to the streets," she added. And she's right — most western officials and journalists who visit countries where Sharia law is enforced abide by what Alinejad called "gender apartheid."

That prompted Maher to ask: "Why are liberals so moronic about the problem?"

"It just breaks my heart," Alinejad said. "Because for years and years we have been warning them about the dangers of morality police. You know why? Because most of them speak in perfect English — who actually talk about Islam and Islamic countries — they never go and live under Sharia laws," she explained. "But they don't even let us talk about our own experience," Alinejad added. 


"I grew up in a country where I was told that if you show your hair, you're going to go to jail, you will receive lashes, you'll get killed like Mahsa Amini," Alinejad continued, invoking the Iranian woman who was brutally murdered by the regime's morality police. "But here, they tell me that 'Shh — if you talk about this, you're going to cause islamophobia,'" she explained of liberals and Democrats who don't want to acknowledge the reality of the human rights abuses happening under Sharia. 

"Phobia is irrational, but believe me, my fear and the fear of millions of Iranian Women - and Afghanistan — is rational," Alinejad continued. 

Alinejad is no stranger herself to the tyranny of Iran's government, having been the target of a plot that saw four Iranians charged in absentia for their attempt to kidnap and silence her advocacy on behalf of Iranian women that exposed horrific reality of life under Sharia.

"For years and years, we had the fear inside us," Alinejad said. "Now, this is the Mullahs — the Iranian regime — are really scared of their women." 


"For the Islamic Republic, for Taliban, this compulsory hijab is like the Berlin Wall," Alinejad declared. "Now, we're tearing this wall down and the Islamic Republic won't exist. This is the end," she said, hopefully.

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