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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As the White House does its best to avoid saying the "R" word — recession, that is — while scrambling to redefine the term and insist the U.S. economy is booming under Biden (it isn't), The New York Post is offering some help for President Joe Biden.


Their cover hitting newsstands Friday sought to clarify things for the president. "The word you're looking for, Joe" reads a caption accompanying an image of a confused looking Biden below a dictionary definition of recession: "a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters. 'The country is in the depths of a recession,'" the Post's definition states. 

The Post's cover story points out the fact that Biden used to love using the word "recession" when he wasn't in charge of anything other than bankrolling Hunter Biden's x-rated drug-fueled escapades:

In October 2020, when he was running for office, Joe Biden said “President Obama and I left Donald Trump a booming economy – and he caused a recession. He squandered it just like he has everything else he’s inherited in his life.” He said the same thing in September 2020, claiming that American was in a “recession created by Donald Trump’s negligence.”

Regardless of reality, one that's been deeply painful for Americans who've taken a four percent cut to their real wages amid soaring inflation, President Biden continues to deny the mess he's made, or at least try to reframe it by changing the language — with the help of mainstream media allies — used to talk about economic woes. Biden and his goons did it with inflation, insisting price increases were merely "transitory" until that was debunked. They continue to state that the U.S.-Mexico border is "closed" and "secure" and they're doing the same with "recession." They deny the inevitable — as Biden did with his denials that Afghanistan would fall to the Taliban after the U.S. withdrew — until it's so obvious they just quietly move on to the next spin cycle without ever accepting responsibility for their attempts to mislead Americans and misdirect criticism. 


As Townhall reported earlier this week, Biden reacted to the news that U.S. GDP declined in the second consecutive quarter of 2022 by saying the recession reality "doesn't sound like a recession to" him. Biden also cited other Democrats' denials of a recession as if their opinions matter to Americans who are trying to get by and know exactly why they're struggling to make ends meet. 

But hey, no mean tweets right?

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