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DC and Virginia Brace for Riots as Leftists Target Downtown DC, Justices' Homes

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Outside the Supreme Court on Friday as the decision overruling Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, pro-abortion demonstrators reacted somewhat predictably. And Townhall's Julio Rosas was on the scene to capture their tears and chants that the Supreme Court of the United States is "illegitimate." 


The two opposing sides engaged in the usual counterprotests that have taken place for years outside the Supreme Court when cases dealing with abortion are under consideration. 

What's different this time, though, is that the Court finally righted the faulty legal reasoning that created a supposed "right" to abortion, and radical pro-abortion leftists have been engaged in a campaign of terror targeting pro-life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers across the country. In recent days, the group Jane's Revenge has gone so far as to declare "open season" on pro-life groups, and called for a "night of rage" to follow the Court's decision.

Julio's source at D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department said the agency was "currently deploying all available manpower to cover the city to prevent and respond to unrest" following the Supreme Court's ruling and officers were subsequently placed on "full mobilization."


The D.C. police's proactive response before anything has gotten out of control is a hopeful sign that radical leftists might be stopped from engaging in their threatened "night of rage" — but a quick look back at how Black Lives Matter and Antifa were not prevented from vandalizing, destroying, and burning blocks worth of the Capital City yields some healthy skepticism.

Apparently also doubting DC's commitment to stopping violence, some businesses in Washington's downtown core have started boarding up their windows, according to posts on Twitter.

In addition to Jane's Revenge, Ruth Sent Us — the radical group that published Supreme Court justices' addresses and called for illegal protests and harassment at their homes — issued a fresh call for their supporters to come to DC.

And while there are other jurisdictions at play where the Supreme Court justices in the majority overruling Roe and Casey live, radical leftists have begun calling for even more harassment at their private residences — even after a man was apprehended near Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home with plans and weapons to assassinate him. Here's one such call from Ruth Sent Us to target Justice Thomas' home in Virginia on Friday night. 


In response to escalating violence and threats, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) issued a statement declaring that the Commonwealth "will not stand for lawlessness or violence."

"While I understand that people across the nation have strong beliefs about this ruling, Virginians must always respect the rule of law and I appeal to their civility on this historic day," Youngkin said. "Our administration is committed to protecting individuals' constitutional rights and ensuring Virginians are safe. I am in regular contact with the Supreme Court Justices and my administration is in coordination with our mayors, and local and state police to ensure we are ready to take appropriate action if need be," he explained. "Virginia will not stand for lawlessness or violence."

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