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BoJo Survives No-Confidence Vote

AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, Pool

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived Monday's confidence vote called by 54 Tory PMs but, with a final tally of 211 for, 148 against — 58 percent supporting Johnson — emerges wounded from the attempt to remove him from party and government leadership. 


Johnson's victory was narrower than former Prime Minister Theresa May's 63 percent victory — though she stepped down some five months after — but still a win.

Contrary to many who said Monday's result was a larger defeat for Johnson or conservatives, Conservative MP James Cleverly called the result a "clear win" for Boris Johnson and noted that the percentage voting in support of the current PM is greater than he received in his initial leadership run. 

Still, his fellow Conservative MPs continued to say that — despite Johnson surviving the vote — he should "consider his position" in light of the challenges facing the U.K. and doubts of the Prime Minister's "honesty and integrity."


Parliamentary rules, as they stand, prevent another no-confidence vote for at least one year, a tense period in which those who voted against Johnson continuing in power will need to repair their relationships with the party and parliamentary leader or face being estranged from Johnson and allowing party infighting to distract from other agenda items. Still, the rules could in theory be changed to allow another attempt to remove Johnson, according to The (biased) BBC. 


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