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The Password for Hunter Biden's Laptop From Hell Is...What You'd Expect

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

When Hunter Biden took his laptop to a Wilmington, Delaware computer repair shop in 2019, he had no idea what a mess he would create after forgetting or abandoning his files that would eventually be turned over to the FBI and end up splashed across numerous covers of The New York Post. 


Now, in a book written by the computer repair shop's owner John Paul Mac Isaac, there are even more absurd details about Hunter Biden's life and the events that led to the contents of the now-first son's laptop becoming public in the final stretch of the 2020 presidential campaign.

According to an excerpt published first by The New York Post, the whole situation was peak Hunter Biden as he battled his demons and tried to carry on as his father's campaign worked to keep Joe Biden hidden in his basement and questions about the Biden family's business dealings out of the mainstream conversation. 

I struggled not to roll my eyes when in stumbled a man clutching three MacBook Pros. He was about my height, six feet tall, but a little heavier. He wore casual clothing — dark blue and gray. Alcohol fumes preceded him. He slid the three laptops onto the bar counter as he fumbled for a seat.

“I’m glad you’re still open,” he said. “I just came from the cigar bar, and they told me about your shop, but I had to hurry because you close at seven.”

He looked older than me but had a surprisingly high-pitched voice. An air of entitlement radiated off him.

“Great,” I thought. “Another one who thinks the world revolves around them.”

To him I said cordially, “You made it just in time.”

“I need the data recovered off these, but they all have liquid damage and won’t turn on,” he said.

“Well, let’s get you checked in and see what’s going on.” One of the computers had a Beau Biden Foundation sticker covering the Apple logo, but I wasn’t sure at first whom I was talking to. I opened my customer relationship management software (CRM) and asked him for his first name.

“Hunter,” he said.

I then asked him for his last name. He paused and looked at me funny, as if I were from another country and how dare I not know who he was?

“Ah, Biden,” he responded, with a sarcastic edge.


I'm not sure what's better, Hunter Biden's surprise that someone wouldn't recognize him in his booze-fueled, disheveled state as THE Hunter Biden, or that he somehow had three laptops all of which had liquid damage at once. Either way, here's where things take an even more Hunter Biden-y turn:

“My password is f–ked up. Don’t be offended!” he said, before announcing that it was “analf–k69” or something to that extent. His inebriated condition made it difficult to understand is speech. My eyes widened a bit, and I told him that maybe it would be best if he tried to log in himself.

Big yikes. But also, what did we expect Hunter Biden's password to be? As the computer repair store owner continues explaining in the excerpt, the laptop password was only the first hint that the laptop would become much more than a usual file recovery job for John Paul Mac Isaac.

I started to individually drag and drop the files to the recovery folder. It took only a few files before I noticed pornography appearing in the right column.


“Oh s–t,” I thought, pausing. The preview image in the right column was clearly displaying the customer. He was wrapped in a red scarf and wearing what looked like a jock strap. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“How embarrassing!” I thought. “Who on God’s earth would feel comfortable with this lying around on their desktop?”

But I shook it off and continued down the list of files. It didn’t take long before another one appeared, and then another. Hunter, with his salt-and-pepper stubble, stared into the camera attempting to look cool while taking a naked selfie. Gross.

“How many of these does he have?” I wondered. It wasn’t just him alone either. Although it looked like he was having a love affair with himself, there also were photos with women. I decided I’d had enough, that I was no longer going to preview the data. I would just go by the file name and hope for the best. And I tried to work out how to keep a straight face when he returned for the recovery data.


As we all know now, Hunter Biden would never return for the laptop or its recovered contents. John Paul Mac Isaac would turn the files over to the FBI, and The New York Post would eventually end up with a copy of the files that would become the basis for ongoing stories about Hunter Biden's business dealings, what he did in time, and how his father Joe Biden was involved. 

While there were already plenty of stories floating around about Hunter Biden and his extracurricular activities, the laptop he turned over to John Paul Mac Isaac and then subsequently forgot to retrieve held even more questionable information that has since led to additional public and congressional questions about how Hunter conducted his business, how involved Joe Biden was, and how their influence was wielded to potentially enrich their family.

Not all, but many of the questions being asked today are based on information that was found on Hunter's laptop. Information that, had Hunter not drunkenly stumbled into that computer repair shop, might never have been uncovered. Keep in mind that Hunter Biden — who forgot his laptop and allowed all of this information to become public — is the person President Biden called "the smartest man I know." Far from the "Russian disinformation" that Democrats — including the head of Biden's Ministry of Truth — claimed the Laptop from Hell to be, it was yet another consequence of Hunter Biden's poor life choices.


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