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Mexican Border Agents Are Quitting Over Chaos Caused by Biden Policies

AP Photo/Marco Ugarte

Julio has reported on and seen first-hand how overtaxed America's border authorities are as a result of the Biden administration's open border policies and refusal to secure the southern border with Mexico. Agents are diverted from patrols to process record-setting numbers of migrants who illegally enter the U.S., an operational decision that means the estimated number of so-called "got-aways" continues to surge. 


The day-to-day hardship created by the Biden administration is in addition to the White House's indulgence of the false partisan narrative that mounted U.S. agents were whipping migrants in the Rio Grande, a Biden scandal for which the administration still refuses to apologize after ruining the heroic agents' lives. 

Discontent runs throughout the ranks of America's border agents due to President Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' failed policies, but their border crisis is taking a toll on Mexico's border agents too as more dangerous migrants — such as the individuals flagged in terrorist databases caught at the U.S. border — begin making their way toward America's southern border to take advantage of the end of Title 42.

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) is among those again ringing the alarm on the dangerous domino effect of Biden's border crisis.

Reporting from The New York Post sheds light on how "border agents in Mexico are fed up to the point of leaving their jobs — and say that, if the US lifts Title 42, things will only get worse." No kidding. 


“Work has doubled and even tripled for us. Some weeks we have no days off. We pull in double shifts for the same pay and are sent from one end of the country to the other with less money for our expenses that we must pay up front,” said an officer, Jorge, who spoke with The Post on the condition of anonymity, fearing reprisal.

No statistics are available on how many officers have quit Mexican immigration forces. But Jorge said that, on one team alone, at least half of the 30 officers have quit over the last two years.

“It’s a nationwide phenomenon,” he said.

Jorge is an officer with the National Migration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migración), Mexico’s version of the US Border Patrol, which has become an ever-increasing first response force against desperate undocumented migrants from all over the world — Central and South America, but also some Caribbean countries and even Africa, Europe and Russia — who dream of reaching American cities.

Much like the Biden administration's disastrous handling of the border has forced American agents to leave their posts patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border, the massive draw for migrants to make their way to an illegal crossing into the United States is forcing Mexico to pull its agents and send them to Mexico's southern border. 


"Officers, already besieged by a big workload and overtaxed by pulling double shifts, are routinely sent from their posts in northern border towns to the most southern parts of Mexico to aid understaffed and weary guards there with the influx of immigrants coming in," The Post reports. That influx of migrants, primarily from Guatemala but also the Caribbean and as far away as Russia, then make their way north to the U.S. border.

The migrants making the trek to take advantage of Biden's open border often attack Mexican border agents — who are unarmed. "It’s a desperate situation and there seems no way out," NY Post source Jorge said. 

The desperation of the situation for border agents — American and Mexican alike — is set to get even worse as the Biden administration looks to terminate Title 42 in May. 

Jorge expects that the lifting of Title 42 — a Trump administration order allowing for immediate deportation that has seen 2 million border-crossers expelled — could cause increasing numbers of illegal immigrants to attempt to enter the country by this spring.

“This is already making things worse for us. Those new immigrants coming in are more violent,” Jorge said. “They are bigger than us. We Mexicans are smaller. We need at least two officers to detain them. We can’t handle them one on one.”


Whether they are listed in U.S. terrorist databases, members of MS-13 or other violent gangs, or other members of the criminal underclass before breaking the law to illegally cross international borders, those that are inundating the U.S.-Mexico border are already terrorizing Mexico border officials who have a dangerous job made worse by Biden's magnet policies that draw increasing numbers of illegal immigrants and dangerous individuals into and through Mexico.

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