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Screenshot via YouTube/RNC

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana has become known as a hero to conservatives and thorn in the side to the "wokers," as he calls them, with his quick wit, common sense, and quotable takes about the goings on in the United States Senate. 


He also, it turns out, doesn't want to leave the Senate until he has the chance to meet Lady Gaga. This, and other revelations, come courtesy of an interview Senator Kennedy did with RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on her podcast Real America this week. 

"I'm not leaving the Senate until I get to meet, who was in A Star Is Born? Lady Gaga. That's who I want to meet," Kennedy said while talking about some of his favorite movies and other celebrity advocates he's met with on Capitol Hill. "Of course I also like the Godfather," Kennedy added, "and I love Pulp Fiction — sometimes the Senate is like a scene from Pulp Fiction — a little off-beat."

Kennedy, as only he can, also talked with McDaniel about attempts by the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress to spend and tax Americans even more. "The federal budget's like a cow, there's not a big chunk of fat there, the fat is marbled throughout the animal," Kennedy explained of the difficulty faced by him and GOP Senate colleagues in their attempts to cut out wasteful spending. "We're worse than drunken sailors," he said, adding "at least drunk sailors stop when they run out of money."

"It's very sad sometimes," Kennedy said of instances in which even some Republicans don't act when there's an opportunity to reduce spending. It's sort of like heaven, he quipped. Everybody says they want to go, but people don't want to go today. "Republicans are not perfect," he said, "but the other side's crazy." 


"You don't have to be MENSA material to figure out why we have inflation," Kennedy said of the rising costs that hit new 40-year highs for consumers and all-time highs for producers in March. "It's very simple: it's Bidenomics."

Talking about Biden's many excuses made in attempts to avoid blame for inflation causing pain for Americans, Kennedy noted "l admit that COVID spreads, but I don't see people going around coughing inflation on each other...It's gutting the American people like a fish," he said of inflation. "It's horrible — it's the most perverse tax imaginable."

Along with groceries, utility bills, and other necessities, gas prices have gone through the roof under the current administration's policies. Instead of being energy independent, Kennedy explained, Biden has decided to buy oil from "foreign countries so those foreign countries will have more money, they'll sell us their oil, but they'll have more money to buy weapons to try to kill us."

"President Biden knows better," stated Kennedy, "he's just totally given in. I don't know how he walks without a spine," Kennedy joked. "We could hit inflation a good lick and fix this energy problem, we could get started tomorrow, but the president's gotta take his boot off the neck of the oil and gas industry."

"It's all because the president has decided he wants to try to win the uber-left, neo-socialist sweepstakes," Kennedy added of the Biden administration's radical policies. "And he's doing a great job — he's won it — I give him that," he said. "But that's also why his poll numbers are on a journey to the center of the earth."


Moderates, Kennedy said, voted for Biden because they thought they were getting "the second coming of Barack Obama," but what they got was "the second cousin of Bernie Sanders."

Looking ahead to November's midterms, Kennedy said Republicans have "got to get involved, you've got to go vote," and they need to make their voices heard.

"I know it's hard sometimes because they'll try to cancel you, and talk about your mama, and call you names," Kennedy acknowledged, "but say what you think. You're not free if you can't express yourself."

"America is the greatest country in all of human history," Kennedy said of why he believes in fighting for what's right. "Now look, we are a big, wide open, diverse, sometimes dysfunctional, often imperfect, but good country. I cannot imagine what this world would be like without the United States of America. I can't promise you that those of us who fight for it everyday are going to win every fight," Kennedy admitted. "But by God, I promise you that I'll refuse to be beat. This country is worth fighting for."

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