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Grassley Lands Key GOP Endorsement As Dem Challenger Gets Kicked Off Primary Ballot

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool

As the midterm elections draw closer, Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) — chairwoman of the House Republican Conference — is endorsing U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) in his reelection bid this November. 


In her endorsement, previewed exclusively by Townhall, Stefanik calls Grassley "a tireless advocate for Iowans who has fought and delivered time and time again for Iowa's family farmers, small businesses, and veterans. On top of being a key fighter for Iowans, Senator Grassley has fought tooth and nail to root out waste and corruption in our government," she also says.

"Since 2019, Grassley has worked tirelessly to uncover deeply troubling financial entanglements of the Biden family and the communist Chinese regime," Stefanik notes of Grassley's work to get to the truth of the business dealings of Hunter and James Biden and how President Biden may have been involved. As Katie reported in March, Grassley took to the Senate floor to provide "just a small taste" of the concerning information his investigation has already uncovered.

Noting that "the liberal media is starting to wake up to the Grassley investigation," Stefanik says in her endorsement that she's "proud to join Senator Grassley in calling the media out for their blatant cover-up and censorship of the Hunter Biden scandal."

Stefanik also pledges — as Grassley's investigation of the Biden family has — to "hold this administration" as well as "the president and his family accountable" when Republicans are in the majority. "The cavalry is coming."


"Few conservatives in Congress have accomplished more than Senator Chuck Grassley," Stefanik also notes of the most-senior Republican in Congress' upper chamber. "As Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Grassley confirmed hundreds of President Trump's constitutionalist judges to the federal courts and led the confirmation of two Supreme Court Justices to lifetime tenure, cementing the high court's conservative majority," she emphasizes in her endorsement.

"Just as important, Grassley stopped Far-Left judicial nominees who would have undermined the Constitution," Stefanik notes. "Chuck Grassley continues to lead the way to expose wrongdoing at the Department of Justice and FBI, root out corruption in the federal government, and uncover the truth so that justice can prevail. I'm honored to join President Donald Trump in endorsing Chuck Grassley for re-election to the United States Senate," she concludes. 

In October, Trump endorsed Grassley during an Iowa rally, calling him "a great American patriot, a man who truly loves Iowa" and who "fights like no other."

Grassley shared his reaction to Stefanik's endorsement with Townhall, expressing his thanks for Stefanik's endorsement and noting "Elise is a powerful voice for conservatives in Congress. She calls it like it is and fights for what's right," Grassley added. "I appreciate her leadership and support."


Over the weekend, Iowa Democrats suffered a setback in their attempts to challenge Grassley's run for an eighth term. Former Rep. Abby Finkenauer, the biggest name running in the Democrat field, was kicked off the June 7th primary ballot by an Iowa judge who ruled some signatures her campaign submitted were invalid and therefore Finkenauer failed to qualify for the primary — by three signatures. The former congresswoman is appealing the ruling, but Iowa election officials say the deadline for names to appear on the primary ballot before printing is Friday, April 15th.

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