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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

During last week's confirmation hearings for President Biden's Supreme Court nominee, one question in particular from Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) grabbed the attention of both conservatives and liberals as it revealed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson could not —or would not — define "woman."


For reference, here's how Judge Jackson responded to Senator Blackburn's straightforward line of questioning:

Predictably, the mainstream media scrambled to provide cover for Judge Jackson's non-answer and shoved the Overton window out of the way to claim "science says there's no simple answer" for what a "woman" is while portraying Judge Jackson's reply as a credible answer.

What's worse, liberal media took advantage of Judge Jackson's answer in their work to normalize the left's zany gender politics while demonizing critics as though Americans across the country share the Harvard-educated SCOTUS nominee's belief that "woman" cannot be defined. 

But of course Jackson and the mainstream media don't speak for most Americans who can easily explain the meaning of "woman," as Townhall did here in the midst of mainstream coverage that sought to make being unable to define the difference between a man and a woman a superior mindset.

"In this building I don't speak for myself, I speak for the people of the great state of Tennessee," Senator Blackburn pointed out in a recent speech on the Senate floor in which she addressed her concerns about Biden's Supreme Court nominee. "I cannot in good conscience give their endorsement to a nominee who by all accounts is legally and constitutionally adrift," she explained.


"What's her standard? We still don't know," Blackburn emphasized. "What keeps her grounded in the law? We're not sure about that one either. What keeps her from infusing politics into her rulings? We don't have an answer for that," Blackburn recapped from last week's hearings. 

"My Democratic colleagues don't want to talk about this," Blackburn pointed out. "Neither does the media," she added, highlighting their coverage of the hearings that showed "they've spent their time whipping up people, looking for outrage, looking for click-bait."

And now, Senator Blackburn is putting an exclamation point on why she asked Judge Jackson to define "woman" while reminding the mainstream media and Democrats in Congress that they're the zany ones who are out of touch with the American people.  

During a tele-town hall Senator Blackburn hosted Tuesday evening with more than 30,000 middle and east Tennesseans, she asked the question, "Should a Supreme Court Justice know the difference between a man and a woman?" 

The good news: 95 percent of respondents on the call answered "yes," according to the tele-town hall poll results reviewed by Townhall.

"Tennesseans are fed up with the failing woke policies of the radical left," Senator Blackburn told Townhall. "From a Supreme Court nominee who can't define the word 'woman' to unprecedented levels of inflation, there is no doubt that the Biden administration's agenda is failing the American people," she added. "The Supreme Court should safeguard the Constitution, not act as a rubber stamp for foolish presidents."


As Senator Blackburn's unofficial survey of her constituents shows, there are a lot more sane Americans than Senate Democrats and the mainstream media want you to believe.

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