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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

On Tuesday afternoon, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) raised some writings and statements from Biden's SCOTUS nominee that showed Judge Jackson's support for woke ideologies including Critical Race Theory. Rather than admitting those writings are indeed her beliefs and show what sort of justice she would be, she repeatedly attempted to distance herself from Critical Race Theory, some of its key tenets, and its leading proponents.


As Townhall covered earlier, Judge Jackson invoked critical race theory and social justice in past remarks about sentencing and the "progressive" education offered at Georgetown Day School where she is a trustee. 

"I've never studied Critical Race Theory, and I've never used it, it doesn't come up in the work that I do as a judge," Jackson claimed in Tuesday's hearing.

But Cruz had the receipts, including Jackson's own words: "I also try to convince my students that sentencing is just plain interesting on an intellectual level, in part because it melds together myriad types of law—criminal law, of course, but also administrative law, constitutional law, critical race theory, negotiations, and to some extent, even contracts," Jackson said previously. 

Hard to rectify Jackson's claims that she has "never used" Critical Race Theory with her speech explaining her use of Critical Race Theory. 

But Cruz wasn't done. Jackson had also characterized Critical Race Theory as merely an academic theory taught in law school. But, as Cruz noted, the Georgetown Day School at which Jackson is a trustee has a curriculum "filled and overflowing with Critical Race Theory," including books that declare "babies are racist." How many babies do you know in law school?


Despite Cruz's presentation of a handful of books taught at Georgetown Day School that cover or invoke Critical Race Theory, Judge Jackson still claimed she didn't know whether CRT is taught there.

After realizing Cruz had done his homework and there was no way to back out of the corner, she changed her tune and pivoted to claim her answers were based on a misunderstanding of Cruz's questions.

For Judge Jackson, who's become something of a hero to the left since Biden announced her as his nominee to replace retiring Justice Breyer, her sudden disavowal of Critical Race Theory and its tenets is notable. As is her expressed ignorance of the theory's creators and key proponents today, as Chris Rufo pointed out:


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