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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Another day, another devastating poll for President Biden and his administration. This time the bad news comes from Gallup: Only 17 percent of American citizens report being satisfied with the direction of our country. 


As Gallup's release on the survey explains:

The current 17% national satisfaction reading is the lowest of Joe Biden's first year in office and coincides with his lowest job approval rating, 18% congressional job approval, sagging economic confidence and the expectation that inflation will rise in the coming months.

Just four percent of respondents said they were "very satisfied" with America's direction as a country while 13 percent said they were "somewhat satisfied," 31 percent said "somewhat unsatisfied," and a majority — 51 percent — reported being "very dissatisfied" after roughly one year of Joe Biden's presidency. Just 30 percent of Democrats are satisfied with America's direction — despite their party controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress. 

It's not surprising that Americans are disenchanted with the direction of their country. Under Biden's leadership (if you can call it that) the United States has been embarrassed on the world stage by Biden's blunders, and faced economic pain at home thanks to inflation, a broken supply chain, and labor and product shortages. The streets of American cities have gotten more dangerous thanks to radical prosecutors who are soft on crime, taking their lead from President Biden who has failed to secure the southern border or support police. 


But while Americans are largely unsatisfied with the country's current heading, Gallup's survey also found that 85 percent of Americans feel personally satisfied with their lives — five times more than the number of Americans who are satisfied with the direction of the country. 

When it comes to religion, those who attend religious services weekly are more likely to be satisfied with their lives (67 percent) than those who attend less regularly or not at all. Meanwhile those making more than $100,000 annually are most likely (61 percent) to say they're satisfied with their lives. By a small margin, 54 percent to 49 percent, college graduates were more likely to say they were satisfied with their lives than those who did not graduate from college. 

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