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Screenshot via Twitter

Dale Ho, one of President Biden's judicial nominees, is little more than another leftist political operative that the Biden White House seems to have a thing for nominating. Ho's work for leftist organizations — and the speeches he made while in previous roles — show just how radical and blindly partisan he is.


As Townhall reported previously, remarks Ho delivered that were subsequently posted to YouTube included claims that the very U.S. Senate itself was "undemocratic," along with the Electoral College. 

Well now there's another wild claim that's surfaced in a 2019 video of Ho questioning whether Florida should be able to call itself a democracy:

"How do you call Florida a democracy if one out of ten people can't vote in that state because of a criminal conviction?" Ho asked rhetorically in yet another partisan attack in his crusade to deem things he doesn't like undemocratic.

By his standard, according to a handy map published by the ACLU — Ho's former employer — Virginia isn't a Democracy either. Nor are Iowa, Arizona, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Kentucky. The ACLU's guide to felon disenfranchisement even notes that just "some people with felony convictions cannot vote" in Florida, undercutting Ho's argument.

Previously, Ho's partisan commentary included claims that "it's incumbent upon folks who care about voting rights to see connections between restrictions on the ability to participate and other kinds of attacks on fair representation of voters of color." Ho apparently sees felons being unable to vote not as a consequence of their actions, but as an attack on voters of color. 


It's all part of his race-baiting embrace and implementation of the woke theory of intersectionality that warps reality into escalating matrices of oppression that, to those who adopt the ideology, necessitate action to remedy the perceived wrongs — whether they actually exist or not. Someone like this, such as Ho, has no place acting as a supposedly impartial judge on the federal bench, and he's just one of Biden's radical nominees to have controversial or disqualifying public comments exposed. 

While Biden yanked several of his nominees due to such controversy, including his pick to lead ATF and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Ho's nomination is still intact, at least on paper. Ho's fate, at present, rests in the Senate Judiciary Committee which is set to vote on his nomination later in January, after which he'll face a full Senate vote on his confirmation — unless Biden withdraws Ho's nomination before then.

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