Dismal: New Poll Shows Trump, Clinton Less Popular Than NRA, Planned Parenthood

Posted: Jun 27, 2016 1:45 PM
Dismal: New Poll Shows Trump, Clinton Less Popular Than NRA, Planned Parenthood

A new poll from NBC News and Wall Street Journal shows that the National Rifle Association, Planned Parenthood and President Obama are all viewed more favorably by voters than the presumptive presidential nominees for both parties.

NBC reported that 29 percent of voters saw Donald Trump positively and 60 percent had negative perceptions of the Republican nominee. Hillary Clinton had similarly dismal numbers, with 33 percent favorability and 55 percent unfavorability.

Even Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who has essentially lost the race for the nomination, is more popular than Clinton.

Trump and Clinton were also viewed less positively than the FBI and the Democratic Party.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan came in the lowest of the polled politicians and institutions, with only 27 percent favorability. This could be tied to the vastly negative perception of Congress in general; Townhall reported that 9 percent of Americans think our representatives are doing a good job.

The Republican Party did not fare much better in the NBC poll, garnering only 28 percent favorability. The especially low numbers could be caused by the widely-discussed dissent within the party over support for Trump as the nominee.

The good marks for the FBI (48 percent positive) and NRA (42 percent) come in the wake of the deadly Orlando nightclub terror attack. Some have criticized the two institutions for failing to prevent the shooting.