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Big Surprise! UK Gov't Advisor Nicknamed 'Stalin's Granny' Wants Masking, Social Distancing 'Forever'

P Photo/Charlie Riedel

Thanks to natural immunity, vaccines, and federalism, the United States is finally removing itself, at least partially, from the iron grip of Covid fascism. An initial "15 days to slow the spread" of COVID-19 in early 2020 turned into 15 months of - depending on where you lived - varying degrees of lockdowns, restrictions, business closures, and forced masking measures.


It seemed like it would never end, until it did, the majority of it anyway. The powers-that-be here in the States finally 'allowed' the vaccinated to go maskless, first outdoors, and then indoors, and made it clear that vaccine status wouldn't be checked. In other words, in the red states first and some of the blue ones following later, most forced masking was over, albeit with a face-saving move that pretended to hold on to belief in the efficacy of masks.

For Europe, however, things aren't even close to ending. The U.K., for example, is looking at a "sensible delay" in the relaxing of restrictions initially set for later this month because of a small bump in cases (the last time more than 100 people died there of or with COVID was March 23), and Boris Johnson, poor chap, is a shell of his former self. 

Now, a U.K. government advisor recently told a local media outlet that she'd like to see COVID-19 measures last "forever." And big surprise - she's a 'former' Communist. (Please, try not to look so shocked.)


From the UK Spectator:

Professor Susan Michie is a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies and has previously caught Steerpike's eye as a key pillar of the Communist party of Great Britain who once boasted the nickname 'Stalin's granny.' The former wife of key Corbyn adviser Andrew Murray, Michie has been omnipresent on the nation's television screens throughout the pandemic, continually popping up on Newsnight to preach the virtues of lockdowns and Covid restrictions.

"Vaccines are a really important part of the pandemic control but it is only one part. Test, trace and isolate system, border controls are really essential and the third thing is people's behaviour. That is the behaviour of social distancing, of when you're indoors, making sure there's good ventilation or if there's not, wearing face masks and hand and surface hygiene. We'll need to keep these going in the long term and that will be good not only for Covid but also to reduce other diseases."

Asked to clarify just she meant by 'long term' Michie paused, laughed and replied: 'I think forever to some extent because this isn't going to be the last pandemic.'

"It's not going to be a huge big deal," Michie added, going on to compare useless non-pharmaceutical interventions like wearing a moist, bacteria-laden piece of cloth over your face to wearing a seatbelt or picking up doggie doo. Because it's exactly the same thing.


The fact that this woman is a 'former' Marxist should not be understated. Marxism is, after all, authoritarian by nature, so it should come as zero surprise that a Marxist would believe in keeping people in a state of fear "forever." Because fear is how totalitarian governments maintain their authoritarian stranglehold over formerly free people.

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