If You Suspected That Most Epidemiologists Were Complete Clowns, This Will Seal The Deal

Posted: May 16, 2021 9:30 AM
If You Suspected That Most Epidemiologists Were Complete Clowns, This Will Seal The Deal

Source: AP Photo/Eric Gay

For the past 14 months, we have been ruled, not by elected officials, but by an obscure medical profession thrust to the forefront of public life thanks to a pandemic the media falsely portrayed to the world as something akin to the next coming of the bubonic plague. 

In far too many places, white-coated epidemiologists have circumvented democracy, pulling the strings behind the scenes as governments imposed countless destructive non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) like lockdowns, business closures, and the forced masking of healthy individuals. 

Do a dive into the field, and it makes sense. As I explained in this April column, epidemiology is becoming increasingly associated with the molding of public behavior, and individuals who go into it often have undergraduate degrees in public health, which focuses on the social and behavioral sciences, instead of hard-core sciences like biochemistry or biology.

So what kind of people purposefully enter a field that focuses on how to control others? I'll let you speculate on that, but a revealing survey of 723 epidemiologists conducted by The New York Times (NYT) from late April to mid-May shows what many of us on Team Reality have suspected all along, that the profession is dominated by illogical, anti-science, paranoid, hypochondriac, control-freak clowns.

Exhibit A is the fact that the vast majority of survey respondents expected public mask-wearing to continue to at least a YEAR, and more than a quarter want some form of mask-wearing to continue indefinitely (via NYT).

When federal health officials said on Thursday that fully vaccinated Americans no longer needed to wear masks in most places, it came as a surprise to many people in public health. It also was a stark contrast with the views of a large majority of epidemiologists surveyed in the last two weeks by The New York Times.

In the informal survey, 80 percent said they thought Americans would need to wear masks in public indoor places for at least another year. Just 5 percent said people would no longer need to wear masks indoors by this summer.

In large crowds outdoors, like at a concert or protest, 88 percent of the epidemiologists said it was necessary even for fully vaccinated people to wear masks.

Exhibit B is the continued insistence among epidemiologists that the pandemic won't end until 70 percent of Americans, including children, are vaccinated. Not only does this deny the science behind natural immunity, it also denies the fact that children have never been shown to be significant victors or be statistically negatively affected by the virus (via NYT).

The true end of the pandemic — when it becomes safer to return to most activities without precautions — will arrive once at least 70 percent of Americans of all ages are vaccinated, they said. Adolescents just began receiving vaccines this week, and those for children younger than 12 are not yet approved.

“Children are key to ending the pandemic,” said David Celentano, the chair of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University and one of the 723 epidemiologists who participated in the survey this month.

Not surprisingly, the Times says 35 percent of survey respondents actually work for governments, while the rest are "mostly academics."

It's been their world - clown world - for the past 14 months. It's past time we took it back.