15 Shameless Attempts to Sell Obamacare

Posted: Mar 16, 2014 11:15 AM

"The product is good and people want it," President Obama said, touting his health insurance plan to an audience at DreamWorks Animation in November. Yet, for being such an illustrious product, the Obama Administration sure seems desperate for people to get on board.

Here are 15 ways the White House, state exchanges, and supporters have tried to sell Obamacare.

1. With the infamous Brosurance ad:

2. Quickly followed by Hoe-surance:

3. With a "geek" selfie:

4. With a message from Lebron James:

5. With a kind-looking woman and her pins:

6. By explaining there just isn't enough...Bubble Wrap to go around?

7. By helping citizens to "prioritize health care" above those non-essential items, like oh, say...a cell phone and cable:

8. By lying:

9. By using celebrities to show just how cool health insurance can be:

10. By lying A LOT:

11. By using your parents:

12. By Michelle Obama warning kids they need Obamacare for when they fall off all those bars stools and cut their fingers with those tricky knives:

13. On comedy shows:

14. With pictures of Obamacare "pi:"

15. And one more that will just make everyone want to run right over to their computer, pick up their phone, or mail in their information:

Remember: sign up for this crappy product and #GetCovered by March 31!

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