Poll: Americans No More Familiar with Obamacare Now Than in August

Posted: Feb 07, 2014 12:55 PM

Breaking down Obamacare's 906 pages and explaining it the American people is no simple task and it is not getting any easier, according to a Gallup poll released Thursday:

Americans' familiarity with the Affordable Care Act has remained static since last August, even after new provisions of the law have taken effect and the Obama administration has tried to promote understanding of it. A majority of Americans (68%) are very or somewhat familiar with the law, while a third of the country is not too or not at all familiar with it. Gallup found nearly identical familiarity numbers last August.

Republicans were the most informed about Obamacare, with only 3 percent claiming they were "not familiar at all." Democrats and Independents were almost five times more likely to be oblivious of the new law.

This party dynamic partially helps explain why familiarity with the ACA appears to breed contempt. Nearly six in 10 Americans (58%) who say they are very or somewhat familiar with the law disapprove of it. By contrast, those not too or not at all familiar with the law are more divided in their opinions of the law -- 44% of this group approve and 35% disapprove, with 23% unsure

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