'Nonpartisan' Enroll America Employee: 'We're All Obama People'

Posted: Nov 24, 2013 7:20 PM
'Nonpartisan' Enroll America Employee: 'We're All Obama People'

“Rule number 17, do whatever the f*** it takes,” that is just a little piece of advice from a communications director for the nonpartisan organization Enroll America. Project Veritas released videos earlier this month revealing Obamacare navigators advising applicants to lie, their latest video captures Enroll America employee Christopher Tarango conspiring to obtain a list with the private data of potential Obamacare enrollees.

Aside from bribery and exploiting private information, Enroll America is a 501(c)(3) organization. The IRS requires it remain nonpartisan.

All considering, Tarango’s phrasing is a bit curious:

"I'm doing Enroll America right now. But I'm also, I shouldn't be saying this, but I'm also helping out with HD 50, so that's as partisan as it gets….I mean, there's a lot of talent that got sucked into Enroll America, but we are all Obama people."

Cause of Action filed a complaint with the IRS Friday, claiming Enroll America violated tax code. As reported by Fox News:

“Despite its claims of serving the public good, it appears that Enroll America has abused its tax-exempt status by using donor contributions for political and other impermissible purposes,” the group said Friday.

Cause of Action also argues Tarango’s comments indicate Enroll is “engaging in political activity by coordinating with the pro-President Obama group Organizing for Action, a 501(c)(4) organization.

Battleground Texas is a 527 political action committee. The letter this week to the IRS suggests some people who helped get Obama elected in 2012 are now with that group.

This is the second IRS complaint filed by the Cause of Action against Enroll American.