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AP Photo/Charles Krupa

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith took a blow torch to the Democratic Party's reckless open-border policies, predicting former President Trump will slide his way to victory in the 2024 election on immigration alone. 

While discussing the issue on his podcast, Smith claimed Trump is on the "verge" of taking back the White House keys as the country's economy continues to fall short, and the president cares more about his weekend getaways and ice cream cones than the millions of illegal migrants storming the nation. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, Trump's gonna get re-elected. Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States if this kind of stuff that I'm reading continues to happen in American cities; Donald Trump is a shoo-in for re-election, even if he's a convicted felon," Smith said. 

The sports commentator argued his stance by pointing out the hardships Americans face every day under the Biden Administration, saying, "We've got poor, impoverished, starving people who are born and raised in this nation." 

"What it came down to for me was this. I see homeless folks in the street of New York all the time that are American citizens; I damn sure see them in California," he said. "Someone's got to say it, so I'm going to say it." 

He then blasted New York City Mayor Eric Adams for launching a $53 million pilot program where illegal migrants will be given free pre-paid credit cards who are housed in hotels across the city. 

Smith questioned how the federal government could "come up" with millions of dollars to fork over to illegal aliens and for aid in Ukraine but can't afford to fix the country's homeless problem.

"How in the hell do we come up with a $53 million pilot program for illegals, but folks who are here legally, or born here, we don't have enough for them?" Smith questioned. "I'm down for helping Israel; I'm down for helping address the situations with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, OK. I'm down for helping the Ukrainians fight off Russia. What about poor and desolate citizens here?" 

Smith demanded to know how the government can print thousands of dollars for foreign countries but can't help the "poor and desolate citizens" in the U.S. 

Smith made his point on why Trump will be elected, criticizing the state of the economy under Biden, saying that Americans shouldn't have to decide whether they will pay bills this week or put food on the table for their families.

"Re-elected, because when he was in office, there was a flourishing economy, there was a whole bunch of other problems… and I personally think his return to the presidency is going to be civil war in his country because he's gonna be desensitized to bringing anybody together because he's gonna on a revenge tour to get back at everybody who went against him," he continued. 

The ESPN sports host said he was "no Republican" but suggested Trump may get his vote over Biden as the country dives deeper into a black hole.


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