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Democrat Caught In Mail-In Ballot Scheme

AP Photo/Matt York

The Democrat Party can dismiss allegations of voter fraud all they want. However, they can’t hide after a member of its own party was caught in the middle of a mail-in ballot scheme. 


Atlantic City Democrat and former city councilor Craig Callaway was arrested and charged with election fraud for allegedly misusing absentee ballots. At the same time, he consulted fellow politicians who used him due to his ability to sway close elections. 

According to a statement by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for New Jersey, Callaway will answer for “one count of depriving, defrauding, and attempting to deprive and defraud the residents of the state of New Jersey of a fair and impartially conducted election process by the fraudulent procurement, casting, and tabulation of ballots.” 

“Holding free and fair elections is a bedrock principle of our democracy. As alleged in the complaint, the defendant attempted to deprive New Jersey residents of a fair election by fraudulently procuring and casting ballots. Today’s charges reflect our office’s commitment to hold to account those who try to undermine the electoral process,” U.S. Attorney Philip Sellinger said. 

Prosecutors said the Democrat was working with others and paid people $30 to $50 to apply to be messengers for voters allegedly wanting to vote by mail.

According to the Associated Press, these voters went to the county clerk’s office, signed the messenger portion of the ballot applications, and received ballots for the voters listed on the applications.

However, after receiving mail-in ballots, the “messengers” left the county clerk’s office and instead handed the ballots to Callaway or the people working closely with him. 


Voters who were victims in Callaway’s scheme told investigators that they did not vote in the 2022 election where fraud occurred and added that they never given the Democrat permission to vote on their behalf. 

He faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. 

Callaway was previously sentenced to 40 months in prison for bribery while holding office as a city councilman. In 2006, while waiting to report to jail for that offense, he staged a sex sting against a political rival, fellow Councilman Eugene Robinson— a Baptist minister. 

He rented two rooms at a motel where he and a co-defendant placed a camera hidden in a clock radio inside one of the rooms with a video recorder set up in the adjacent room. According to court documents, Callaway hired a prostitute to lure Robinson to the motel and perform a sex act on him. He then threatened to send the tape to the public media if Robinson did not resign.

Robinson immediately went to authorities and filed charges. Callaway was sentenced to three- years in prison.

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