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AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

Every American suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic while elite Leftists relished in power and money. Meanwhile, our own government pushed hysteria on the country that affected millions, including children and businesses. 


However, liberal media outlets are taking back their push on lockdowns— nearly three years later. 

This weekend, the New York Times published a piece admitting that school lockdowns may have been the "most damaging disruption" to kids in U.S. history. 

Titled "The Startling Evidence On Learning Loss Is In," the editorial board highlighted the "significant" learning loss from forcing over 50 million kids to stay out of the classroom, away from their peers, and instead learn from computers at home alone. 

"The evidence is now in, and it is startling. The school closures that took 50 million children out of classrooms at the start of the pandemic may prove to be the most damaging disruption in the history of American education," the paper stated. 

The Times complained that politicians are not doing enough to address the issue, saying it requires a "multidisciplinary approach," starting with "getting kids back on solid ground" and replacing "the federal aid that is set to expire."

The newspaper also cited that kids "will experience diminished lifetime earnings and become a significant drag on the economy." 

According to a CDC report, more than 40 percent of high school students feel sadness and hopelessness since the pandemic, while 22 percent of adolescents considered suicide.


"The learning loss crisis is more consequential than many elected officials have yet acknowledged. A collective sense of urgency by all Americans will be required to avert its most devastating effects on the nation's children," the NYT continued. 

The New York Times was a big advocate for pushing draconian COVID mandates. 

In August, the Times published an article titled "Is It Time to Wear a Mask Again?" 

The outlet also published an article criticizing Republicans, specifically former President Trump, for pushing "misleading" information on the virus and the vaccine. 

On the contrary, other liberal media outlets, such as MSNBC, argued that remote learning was necessary, claiming that the idea of "learning loss" is a "myth." 

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