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Illegal Migrant Convicted of Raping a 5-Year-Old Found On Martha's Vineyard

AP Photo/Eric Gay

President Joe Biden has created the worst border crisis in American history due to his far-left extremist policies.

His refusal to secure the southern border has ignited record crime, increased cases of human trafficking to flourish in the U.S., and deadly drugs such as fentanyl to be brought over. 


Yet, the president still insists the border is “closed.” And because of his radical policies, an illegal migrant, convicted of raping a five-year-old girl in Brazil, was found living on Martha’s Vineyard. 

Biden is and continues to put every single American's life at risk yet stays in denial, lying to the nation. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested Saulo Cardosa after agents were notified the 37-year-old was unlawfully living in the United States. 

More from Breitbart News: 

In May 2019, Cardosa was convicted of raping a five-year-old child in Brazil and subsequently sentenced to 14 years in prison. Sometime after his conviction, Cardosa fled to the United States by illegally crossing the nation’s porous southern border, where millions of “got-aways” enter, undetected by Border Patrol, every year. ICE agents were eventually alerted by international authorities that Cardosa may have been living in the United States as an illegal alien, and an investigation was launched. ICE agents ultimately discovered Cardosa living on Martha’s Vineyard and arrested him. Cardosa remains in ICE custody pending deportation to Brazil.


Americans can thank Biden for bringing organized drug rings and deadly drugs into their lives. Despite the president vowing to fix the border with his so-called migrant “plans,” illegal alien crossings continue to spike with no end in sight. 

According to a report released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, illegal crossings at the southern border climbed by more than 33 percent in July. Meanwhile, agents apprehended 136,652 aliens in August— a dramatic jump since the first time in Biden’s tenure that apprehensions dropped below 100,000. 

Under the Biden Administration, more than 6.5 million illegal aliens have been encountered at the border, per new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data. The data also reveals that nearly two million are known “got-aways” who likely remain in the U.S. 

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