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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

It wouldn't be the Democratic Party if they weren't blaming others for their mishaps, which is why it shouldn't be surprising when President Joe Biden attempted to blame the media for his latest underwater economic polling. 

On Friday, while touting his so-called economic "achievements," Biden was asked by a reporter about polls that show Americans believe the economy is in a "fair" or "poor" state.

"Mr. President, you started your remarks today by saying it was 'good news today' with the economic report. Why do you think most people still don't feel positive or feel good news about the economy?" A report asked. 

A recent NBC poll found that just 38 percent of Americans approve of his economic policies. On the contrary, former President Trump has surpassed Biden among voters under 45 in a poll from PBS NewsHour, primarily due to frustration with the current economy.

In response, Biden went off on a tangent, trying to blame his destructive economic policies on the media. 

"You all are not the happiest people in the world, which you report," Biden said. "And I mean it sincerely. You get more legs when you report something negative. I don't mean you're picking on me; it's just the nature of things. You turn on the television, and there is not a whole lot about 'boy saves dog because he swims in the lake.' It's about 'somebody pushed the dog in the lake.'"

Biden claimed that the American people are better off financially than before, stating it is "a fact." However, a July study shows that 61 percent of Americans, including more than four in 10 high-income earners, live paycheck-to-paycheck. 

The president also pointed to the "300-plus thousand people who just got jobs" but failed to mention that the unemployment rate stayed at 3.8 percent and the supposedly rosy jobs report for September is likely to bring more interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve and, with such action, more hardship for Americans. 

The White House has previously argued that economic polling doesn't "tell the whole story."

"Bidenomics is working" is what the White House continues to tell Americans as they pay nearly $6 a gallon for gas in some states. 


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