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WH Visitors Go Through 'Multiple Security Checkpoints,' Suggests Cocaine Must Belong to a Biden Member

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

As the White House insists they have no clue where the “mysterious” cocaine came from that was found in the West Wing, former officials are calling their bluff. 


Former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka said that visitors must go through “multiple security checkpoints” before they are allowed to enter the White House, suggesting the cocaine belongs to someone in the Biden family. 

Through a video shared on Twitter, Gorka recalled working in the Trump Administration, saying that not all visitors receive the same level of security clearance. 

“If you’re a certain category like I was, with a blue all-access pass to the White House or a member of the family, if you come into the White House in a vehicle, your vehicle isn’t searched,” Gorka said. “You may have a canine EOD inspection, which is pretty random, but they don’t even open your vehicle. You can bring in anything.”

The former Trump advisor said that visitors, low-level staff members, and the press go through extensive security checkpoints before they can enter the White House. 


According to White House officials, the deadly drug was found in the “library,” which is “part of the public tour experienced by hundreds daily, meaning there could be multiple suspects”— meaning if Gorka is correct, a visitor would not have been able to sneak the cocaine in as they would have been flagged at security. 

However, the Daily Mail noted that while the dispatch recording states “library,” an insider said that the cocaine was not found inside the executive mansion but rather in a “work area” in the west wing of the White House.” 

Neither the Biden Administration nor the Secret Service has been able to explain how cocaine managed to get through security. 

The obvious answer? It probably belongs to President Joe Biden’s coke-addicted son, who has admitted to having a serious drug problem and was kicked out of the Navy for testing positive for cocaine in his system. 


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