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DeSantis: 'Biden's Fall Across the Stage Symbolizes the State of the Nation'

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Republican presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) hammered home his idea of the U.S. needing the executive's energy after President Joe Biden fell for the umpteenth time. 


While speaking to radio host Kelly Golden, DeSantis said Biden's fall across the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation stage symbolized the nation's current state. 

The governor added that the country needs a president who will enter the White House and take immediate action to glue the U.S. back together, not one who will further break it down. 

"I'm running for president because we need to change all that. And we need an energetic executive," DeSantis said. "We need somebody going to get in there on day one and spit nails and really take Washington by storm. Washington, DC, has been imposing its will on us for so long. It's about time we, the people, impose our will on it." 

Biden's lack of energy and focus shows he has no right mind to be in a leadership position. DeSantis called it unfortunate that the U.S. has a president who spends more time stumbling around than fighting for Americans. 

Biden, who has spent more time on vacation during his presidency than in the White House, looks confused, tired, and frail while addressing the nation. 

On the other hand, DeSantis has pledged to bring an energetic approach to D.C. 

Additionally, the GOP candidate vowed to take down the Deep State but acknowledged that it would take more than one term to succeed. 

"When people say that they are going to slay the Deep State in a day or six months, I'm sorry, this is something that only a two-term president is going to be able to bring to fruition," he continued. "The bureaucrats will wait you out if you are a lame-duck president. As soon as you are gone, they will change, and they will go back." 


Since announcing his candidacy, DeSantis has taken off running, visiting 12 cities in just four days. He has also spoken to thousands of early-state voters and been endorsed by high-profile backers. 

However, DeSantis's biggest rival in the race to the White House – former President Trump – is still taking the lead among potential voters, according to recent polls. 

According to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll, DeSantis's numbers show no sign of improvement as Trump continues to climb. 

Trump leads the seven declared GOP candidates with 53 percent, while DeSantis lags further behind than he did a few weeks ago; his 25 percent is down from 28 percent in early May. 

A National Research Inc. survey also found that Trump is the favored candidate, 43 percent to 18 percent. 


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