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Hundreds Of Catholics Pray For the U.S. While Walking the Streets Of D.C., Stopping At the White House

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Hundreds of Catholics walked the streets of Washington, D.C., to pray for the United States, making their way to the White House. 

Over the weekend, the nation's capitol saw a Eucharistic procession, the first of its kind organized by the Catholic Information Center (CIC), to bring "Christ's Real Presence onto the streets of our downtown D.C. neighborhood." 


Fr. Charles Trullols, director of the CIC, said that he was inspired by the Eucharistic processions of Pope St. John Paul II, who led processions through Rome's streets for seven years. He continued to say that the U.S. needs God to be put back into Americans' lives, hoping the procession would help the country, including those in the White House. 

"The CIC houses the closest tabernacle to the White House, and I have absolute faith in the many graces God will bestow onto our country when Christ's real presence is carried through the streets of D.C. The procession will express our belief that Jesus is passing by and bestowing his love and help on all of us," Fr. Charles Trullols said. 

As the Left's radical agenda settles into American life, many argue the belief in Christianity has gotten lost. The Democrat's push to mutilate and indoctrinate children has erased God's original creation of man and woman, causing the country's confusion and lack of hope. 

The current administration also supports killing an unborn baby, whereas the Right condemns it. 


There have been several instances where the Democrat-led country has chosen to steer away from religion to create a more "inclusive" environment. 

President Joe Biden— a so-called devout Catholic— left "God" out of the National Day of Prayer. However, he did remember to mention racial justice and climate change during his 2021 speech. 

On Christmas Day, the Biden White House again chose to omit any talk of God. Biden instead talked about a "child" being born despite never mentioning that the child is "Jesus." 

During former Democrat President Obama's 2010 Easter Sunday address, he described the day of Jesus' resurrection as representative of a secular "universal mission." 

On the contrary, Republicans such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo) have praised Christianity, supporting the idea of making the U.S. a Christian nation. 


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