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Democrat Takes the Right Side On Controversial Topic of Men Competing In Women's Sports

AP Photo/Josh Reynolds

One Democrat is shaking his party to its core after denouncing a movement pushed hard by progressive Leftists. 

Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. condemned the idea that males should be able to participate in women's sports. 


"I am against people participating in women's sports who are biologically male," he said during an interview with CNN. "I think women have worked too hard to develop women's sports over the past 30 years. I watched it happen, and I don't think that's fair."

While most Democrats, including President Joe Biden, advocate and praise for transgenders to compete with girls, RFK Jr. is not one of them.

Twenty-one U.S. states have banned males from female sports teams, arguing that it is not only fair competition-wise but dangerous as males have more weight on them than women. 

Last week, the House passed legislation that would prohibit biological males from competing as transgender athletes in women's sports, which several Democrats referred to as "bullying." 

In a 219-203 vote, the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act passed with all the yes votes coming from Republicans and all the no votes from Democrats. 

This comes as the Biden Administration announced plans to release new Title IX rules that would ban states from barring transgender students from competing against the gender they identify as.


ESPN personalities Sage Steele and Samantha Ponder slammed the president, calling his decision to allow biological males to go up against females on a sports team, calling it "heartbreaking, maddening, and really difficult to watch." 

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