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A Trump-aligned Super PAC is attacking Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) as he gears up to make an official run for the 2024 presidential race against the former president. 


MAGA Inc. is running a televised advertisement to deter Americans from voting for the governor by calling out his views on Social Security and Medicare policies. 

The 30-second MAGA Inc. ad slams DeSantis, saying he likes to put his “dirty fingers” into everywhere it doesn’t belong, including chocolate pudding. 

“DeSantis has his dirty fingers all over senior entitlements like cutting Medicare, slashing Social Security, even raising the retirement age,” the ad states over video footage of a man in a navy blue suit and red tie scarfing down pudding with his bare hands. “Tell Ron DeSantis to keep his pudding fingers off our money. Oh, and somebody gets this man a spoon.”

Last month, DeSantis denied rumors that he eats pudding with his fingers, saying he has no memory of ever doing that. 

“Maybe when I was a kid, but it’s interesting, there’s a lot of people who when they go at you, sometimes they have really good ammunition, like ‘You’re a crook, you did this, you did that,’” the Florida governor told Piers Morgan. 

The ad cites articles on DeSantis’s congressional voting record, claiming he tried to cut Social Security three times as a House representative for Florida.


On the contrary, Trump has advocated for saving the entitlement program saying, “Cut waste, fraud, and abuse everywhere that we can find it, and there is plenty of it, but do not cut the benefits our seniors worked for and paid for their entire lives. Save Social Security. Don’t destroy it.”

However, the former president supported cutting Social Security by $25 billion and Medicare by $845 billion over the next decade, according to his 2020 budget proposal. 

DeSantis insisted that Republicans won’t mess with Social Security during an interview on Fox News. 

MAGA Inc. said the campaign total is $4.5 million, adding that they have renewed the ad and will be in their rotation of attacks against Republican candidates as the election race heats up. 

Despite DeSantis not officially announcing a presidential campaign, he is widely seen as the top candidate to face Trump. 

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