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Trump, GOP Respond to Biden Report Blaming Him for Afghanistan Withdrawal

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Former President Trump’s campaign responded after the Biden Administration blamed him for the botched 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal that killed 13 U.S. service members. 


Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung criticized President Joe Biden for failing to take responsibility for his wrongdoing. 

“Biden and his administration are trying to gaslight the American people for their disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan that directly led to American deaths and emboldened the terrorists,” Cheung said, adding, “Biden’s complete erosion of American deterrence can be directly assigned blame for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, Kim’s decision to restart missile launches, and Xi’s pending decision to invade Taiwan and Chinese spy balloons surveilling American. And those are only the nation-state threats we’re aware of. The world has become a more dangerous place under Joe Biden.”

On Thursday, White House spokesman John Kirby claimed that the Trump Administration left “difficult realities” for Biden and “severely” constrained him, who was committed to ending the war in Afghanistan. However, Trump was no longer in office during the horrific event.

Critics argue that Biden could have been more prepared for the withdrawal, saying the president handled it poorly, leading to chaos. 

Trump took to his Truth Social account to blast “moron” Biden for his inexcusable decisions, which led to children being killed.

“These Morons in the White House, who are systematically destroying our Country, headed up by the biggest Moron of them all, Hopeless Joe Biden, have a new disinformation game they are playing – Blame ‘TRUMP’ for their grossly incompetent SURRENDER in Afghanistan,” the 45th president said. “I watched this disaster unfold just like everyone else. I saw them take out the Military FIRST, GIVE $85 Billion of military equipment, allow the killing of our soldiers, and leave Americans behind. Biden is responsible, no one else!”


Several other Republicans were stunned by a damning report mentioning “Trump more than ISIS.” 

“But the White House still insists they did everything right,” Fox News Prime-time host Jesse Watters said. 

Likewise, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) called the Biden White House’s report “sickening.” 

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