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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Democrats are coming to former President Trump’s side to defend him against some Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s politically motivated indictment. 


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) said flag Bragg must “remove all doubt” in the American judicial process, warning that the witch hunt against Trump will further divide the country. 

“It's a very sad time for America to go through what we're going through now," Manchin said. "People are being divided, and they think that justice might be biased. We have to make sure that we wait to see what comes out next week, and I hope they do their job. And I’ve said this, no one's above the law, but no one should be targeted by the law, especially through the political process. So we'll wait and see next week. I hope they are very thorough."

CNN anchor Dana Bash asked the Democrat if he thought Bragg was unfairly targeting Trump. 

“No, I'm saying you have to remove all doubt," Manchin replied. "You have to remove all doubt. You have to make sure you cross every t and dot every I, as they say. But you know that no person, the president, myself, or anybody else in Congress, no matter what your status is, in the United States of America, you're not above the law. And on the other hand, no person should be targeted by the law either. So let's make sure that's cleared up, and let's see where it goes."

Manchin admitted that it is a sad time for America, adding that people no longer believe our democracy works. 


Additionally, former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr advised not to put Trump on the stand, saying it would be a bad idea. 

“Generally, I think it's a bad idea to go on the stand, and I think it's a particularly bad idea to put Trump because he lacks all self-control, and it'd be tough to prepare him and keep him testifying in a prudent fashion," Barr told Fox News Sunday.

Barr also accused Bragg of “interfering with a federal election process."

“It's actually Bragg that seems to me that's jumped into the federal arena," Barr said. "He's interfering in a federal election process, and his case is built on an alleged violation of federal law. He wouldn't be able to survive the statute of limitations and not be able to juice what is a misdemeanor into a felony without claiming there's a violation of federal law. So, he's the one that's essentially weighed into the federal arena."

Americans are jumping to defend Trump; in the 48 hours of Trump being indicted, he brought in over $5 million worth of donations, mostly from first-time donors. 

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