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Newsom Calls For More 2A Rights to Be Revoked

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

After a string of mass shootings, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif) is tightening the reigns on California residents’ Second Amendment rights. 

On Wednesday, Newsom expressed his support for Senate Bill 2, which calls for more gun restrictions, limiting where people are allowed to carry concealed guns. 


If passed, residents would no longer be able to carry their concealed weapons into churches, zoos, public libraries, amusement parks, playgrounds, banks, and other privately-owned businesses that are open to the public. 

The rule would not apply if the businessman puts up a sign allowing concealed guns.

This comes after California saw four mass shootings last week. However, the state’s concealed carry law did not play into any of the incidents. 

State Sen. Anthony Portantino (D-Calif) called the exception that a business can put up a sign allowing concealed weapons, a “legal nuance.”

“This is not window dressing. This is to put a strong bill on the governor's desk to withstand a legal challenge that is sure to come,” Portantino said, adding that exceptions to the law would cause “a legal nuance that I think helps it with constitutional muster.”

The California state director for the National Rifle Association, Dan Reid, called the law a “political stunt” that has nothing to do with the recent mass shootings. 

“If Gov. Newsom and AG [Rob] Bonta truly wanted to address the violent crime running rampant through their state, they’d put an end to the soft-on-crime policies and no cash bail programs that have turned California into a nightmare for its citizens," Reid said. "Instead, these politicians have chosen to further restrict the rights of those who follow the law with a political stunt that will not make Californians any safer.”


Under the bill, anyone under 21 years of age would be banned from having a permit to conceal carry their gun, as well as permit holders would also be required to obtain additional training, including how to properly store and transport their weapons. 

California attempted to pass the law last year, however, Democrats were unable to get enough support due to interference that requires a two-thirds vote of the legislature so the bill could take effect immediately. 

On the opposite side of the country, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) announced on Monday that people would be allowed to carry concealed guns without a permit. 

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