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Mayorkas Smuggled 100,000 Migrants Into the U.S. Through A Hidden Parole Pathway

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Joe Biden’s secretary of homeland security, Alejandro Mayorkas, reportedly smuggled over 100,000 illegal migrants into the U.S. through a hidden parole pathway.


From May to December, Mayorkas has been welcoming at least 20,000 migrants into the country each month, according to the New York Times. 

The NYT was given an official briefing on the pathway, which was name CBP One after many reporters were unable to explain the migration pathway. 

The secret pathway delivers more than 240,000 illegal migrants into the U.S. per year under the disguise that they will be used as economically despite a 1986 ban on the corporate hiring of immigrants. 

This is in addition to the 360,000 migrants per year that officials will bring in from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua using the same hidden pathway. 

Combined, this would add 600,000 extra economic migrants per year to the country’s economy.

This comes as migrants are rushing to fly into the U.S. after 20 Republicans filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s new immigration plan. 

Hundreds of immigrants landed at the Miami International Airport this week, coming in from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Haiti, all of which were coming to the states legally under Biden’s expanded parole program, which allows 30,000 migrants from four countries to enter each month. 


However, amid the GOP- led lawsuit, the migrants are coming to the U.S.  earlier than expected, fearing the lawsuit could end the program. 

According to the lawsuit, Biden’s plan “amounts to the creation of a new visa program that allows hundreds of thousands of aliens to enter the United States who otherwise have no basis for doing so."

Earlier this month, Biden announced the program, saying that it would allow migrants to receive work permits and a two-year authorization to live in the U.S.

The lawsuit was assigned to Court Judge Drew Tipton, a Trump appointee, who has until April 25 to decide whether or not to halt Biden’s program until there is a decision on the lawsuit. 

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