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It Wasn't Long Before White Supremacy Was Compared To Police Brutality After Memphis Murder

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

It shouldn’t be a shock anymore that Democrats are quick to compare any incident involving an African American person and police officers to “white supremacy.” 


So it was just a matter of time before liberal media began labeling the five black cops who brutally murdered Tyre Nichols as a "whiteness" problem. 

During a segment on MSNBC, National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers For Justice Reform and Accountability co-founder Redditt Hudson claimed that the death of Nichols proves that police officers don’t have to be white to adopt the police culture, which is rooted in “white supremacy.” 

“These black officers, man, this is what it looks like when black officers internalize and align themselves with police culture, which itself is rooted in white supremacy,” Hudson said, adding “that makes this so sad to see is the failed opportunity to address the culture that they adopted but takes a man’s life right in front of us again it’s a sad commentary on those officers ‘ professionalism, on their ability to discern what their role should be versus what historically police role in our community has been.”

Jumping over to the next liberal news outlet, CNN also blamed white supremacy, claiming that police training was developed from a perspective of “whiteness.” 


CNN’s Van Jones argued that the beating of the five officers did, “might have been caused by racism,” despite black cops being the ones who committed the crime. 

Jones compared the incident to the 1991 police brutality of Rodney King where four White cops were caught on film beating him.

“From the King beating to the murder nearly three years ago of George Floyd, American society has often focused on the race of the officers — so often White — as a factor in their deplorable acts of violence," Jones wrote, adding "but the narrative ‘White cop kills unarmed Black man’ should never have been the sole lens through which we attempted to understand police abuse and misconduct. It’s time to move to a more nuanced discussion of the way police violence endangers Black lives.”

He went on to say that Black people are “not immune to anti-Black messages.” 

Additionally, Jemele Hill, a contributing writer for the Atlantic, said that “the entire system of policing is based on white supremacist violence. We see people under the boot of oppression carry its water all the time,” in response to activist Bree Newsome Bass’s accusation that the function of the police is to maintain the race/class hierarchy. 


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