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The WH Is Getting Good At Keeping Biden From Having to Answer Questions on the Classified Docs Debacle

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

First Lady Jill Biden came to her husband's defense when reporters began hammering him on the classified documents debacle. 

Following a celebration of the Lunar New Year, President Joe Biden was walking through the White House when a reporter stopped to ask him if he would let the FBI search one of his houses. 


Biden, who looked at the reporter like a deer in headlights, was saved by the bell by his wife who immediately intervened and whisked him away from the reporters. 

Former Georgia Rep. Doug Collins criticized the situation, saying that Biden is not doing the job of a president who should stop and answer important questions from the press.

“This has gotten concerning because nobody, frankly, in all fairness to the first lady, nobody elected her to answer questions for the president on issues that the press may have questioned,” Collins said while on Fox and Friends. 

Collins acknowledged that Biden may not like the questions being asked and may not want to have to answer them, but as a leader of the U.S., he must be transparent with the American people. 

“But this is what his job is, is to answer these questions and to be a part of the process of people understanding,” Collins said, adding “this is actually something that is prosecuted on military members, members in the government who do this inadvertently. So this has to be something now that we really take a look at.” 


The White House has deferred reporter’s questions on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents to either the White House Counsel's office or the Justice Department. 

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre went “down a rabbit hole” on the matter after a reporter pressed her for answers. Additionally, White House Counsel spokesman Ian Sams accused the press of trying to “stir up controversy to get attention,” after several reporters attempted to probe the topic once more. 

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