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Democrat Mayor Spent Millions in Taxpayer Money to Fund Fancy Trips

New Orleans residents are frustrated with its Democratic leadership after finding out where the hard-earning taxpayer money is going.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell is on the verge of being recalled for her lack of leadership in the city. 

Residents are frustrated that while New Orleans is being overrun by criminals, Cantrell is out taking luxurious trips. 

A petition, filed by Eileen Carter and Belden Batiste, a former Democrat mayoral candidate, has gained enough votes to draw attention to the lavish lifestyle the Democrat mayor has created for herself on taxpayer’s dime. 

On top of $29,000 first-class plane tickets to Europe Cantrell bought with taxpayer money, she also spent $50,000 of residents' funds to pay for bodyguard services. 

She allegedly also used $175,000 of campaign money on a personal stylist and shopper. 

In defense of her hefty spending, Cantrell claimed her expenses were a need and not a want. 

“My travel accommodations are a matter of safety, not of luxury," Cantrell said, adding “anyone who wants to question how I protect myself just doesn't understand the world Black women walk in."

Residents of the city are up in arms because New Orleans is facing sky-high crime and murder rates, as well as non-working street lights and insufficient garbage removal. 

Carter and Batiste have accused Cantrell of “quiet quitting,” citing times when she has not shown up for critical meetings and city events. 

“The national term 'quiet quitting,' that's what our mayor has done," Carter told Fox News Digital, adding “our mayor literally won't say the word 'crime.' She has disassociated herself from crime. She refuses to be involved it in at all.”

In September, New Orleans was named the “murder capital of the country” after 2022 saw a 140 percent increase in murders. 

Carter said that her group has one-third of the required 53,000 votes needed to get the recall effort on the ballot. They are hopeful that they will get at least 70,000, and the recall effort has been airing televised ads to get the votes. 

Cantrell would be the first New Orleans mayor to be recalled. 

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