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Arizona Judge Grants Kari Lake a Win Over Ballot Inspection Against Dem. Katie Hobbs

AP Photo/Matt York

A Maricopa County judge in Arizona granted Republican Kari Lake’s request to inspect ballots as she contests the midterm results against Democrat Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. 


Judge Peter Thompson approved three out of four requests from the Republican, including to review 50 random "ballot-on-demand" printed ballots that were cast on Election Day, 50 random early ballots cast from "six separate Maricopa County batches," and 50 random ballot-on-demand printed ballots that were spoil-marked. 

The judge rejected Lake’s request to have 50 randomly selected early ballots’ envelopes inspected.

The inspection is scheduled to begin on Tuesday of next week. 

The judge also ordered for the inspection to be conducted in a manner that "does not in any way interfere with any ongoing recount of the 2022 election results.”

Lake’s campaign praised the judge’s ruling, saying they are “delighted” they have been granted the inspection. 

Lake still has not conceded to Hobbs, claimed just last week that “if the process was illegitimate then so are the results." 

On election day, roughly 20 percent of tabulation machines in Maricopa County malfunctioned, causing voters to wait in line for hours. 


“I am thankful to Judge Peter Thompson and his team for the work they do and we are confident that given the opportunity, we will expose this election for the sham it was,” Lake said in a statement. 

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Lake could be the running mate for former President Trump. 

According to a source, Lake recently traveled to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence to attempt to persuade him to enlist her as his sidekick. 

“I believe she wants to be his running mate," the source said, adding “she is working the deal. She wants something bigger, fast, to compensate for her loss in Arizona."

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