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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Pro life advocates sue the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after it approved a dangerous abortion pill to be put on the market. 

According to a lawsuit, four national medical associations and four doctors are claiming that the FDA “illegally” approved a drug knowing it can harm women. 


The Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative group filed a lawsuit in Texas arguing that the FDA did not have the authority to approve the harmful drug: mifepristone. Additionally, they say that the FDA did not adequately study the medication and that the drug is unsafe. 

“The FDA failed America’s women and girls when it chose politics over science and approved chemical abortion drugs for use in the United States,” the lawsuit reads.

The group alleges that the FDA had to deem pregnancy as an “illness” and the abortion pill as providing a “meaningful therapeutic benefit” in order to get them approved so quickly. 

“Pregnancy is not an illness, and chemical abortion drugs don’t provide a therapeutic benefit—they end a baby’s life and they pose serious and life-threatening complications to the mother,” ADF Senior Counsel Julie Marie Blake said in a statement. 


In 2016, the FDA said the pill can be used through 10 weeks of pregnancy and allowed it to be sent through the mail where state law permitted it. 

With the lawsuit pending, nine Democratic senators on Friday urged the FDA to finish up the work quickly so that it can permanently allow mail-order delivery and to make other changes that would make getting the abortion medication easily.

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