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Townhall Media

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate, John Fetterman may insist that his health is not a problem, but when his wife has to campaign for him as well as not being able to get through a debate without closed captioning, it sure does mean there is a problem. 


Celebrity psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw told podcast host, Joe Rogan, that it is clear there is something seriously wrong with Fetterman following his stroke. 

“And I’m not trying to be unkind. He had a stroke,” McGraw said, adding that the problems begin with his brain. “I mean, the poor guy, he had a stroke.”

“He’s clearly compromised, to the point where while he’s communicating, he’s not just stumbling. He is kind of lost in thought and can’t form a coherent sentence and bounces around from it. He looks, he looks troubled. And I was watching MSNBC and they were trying to say, ‘well, I mess up sometimes when I talk and you know, I misspeak and I stumble on my words,’” Rogan told McGraw, adding “of course you do, everybody does, we’re human. I do it all the time… but there’s a big difference between the overall one-hour debate. You’re looking at a guy who seems to have something wrong with his brain. And for you to gaslight and pretend that’s not the case just because it doesn’t fit with your narrative, that’s not news. That’s propaganda and it’s f***ing dangerous.”


In response, McGraw said that he absolutely would not get on a plane in which the Democrat was flying. 

“Just ask yourself,” McGraw said, “let’s say you were getting on an airplane and the airline pilot had had a similar cognitive impairment. Would you get on? Well, hell no.”

The pair also talked about President Joe Biden’s health issues and how scary it is to think that a senile, almost 80-year-old man is running the country. 

“President Biden is not at his best and that Fetterman is not at his best,” McGraw said. 

In a recent WPXI poll, 82 percent of viewers say that Fetterman’s Republican opponent, Mehmet Oz won the debate, while only 18 percent are on the Democrat’s side. 

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